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Get Ready For The Season Premier of The Office!

September 20, 2011

Can you believe that the eighth season of The Office is just around the corner? The season premier is this Thursday, September 22, and the question on everyone’s mind is the same; WHO WILL BE THE NEW BOSS? After going through several different bosses at the end of last season, the bonafide replacement to Steve Carrell with likely be selected within the first couple episodes of Season 8. Rumors have stated that James Spader will take the role briefly before quickly being promoted to the CEO position. So who is the new boss going to be? The cast of The Office released this fun video a few days ago that addresses that very subject.

While it’s a fun video, it obviously doesn’t provide any help in answering the question at hand. The way I look at it, there are three options:

1) Pam

2) Andy

3) Wildcard

If I had to put my money on one of the those three options, it would have to be Andy. Ed Helms (the actor that plays Andy) has become quite famous over the last few years, and I think it makes sense that he’s put into more of a prominent role. What’s more, it seems like most people like him, meaning that his appointment to the boss position probably wouldn’t alienate too many viewers. When it all comes down to it, however, I’m speculating just as much as the next guy. None of us know who the true replacement will be, and we won’t know until season 8 begins. Do you have any guesses/inside information? Let us know in the comments!

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