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A World Without ‘Undo’

July 26, 2011

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Whether Control-Z or Command-Z, anyone that’s used a computer for longer than three seconds has likely experienced the redemptive beauty that is the Undo function. Invented in 1976, Undo has likely impacted the world over these last 35 years more than any of us realize. As we reflect upon the immense power of Undo, let us imagine a world without it:

Alright, so maybe suggesting that a nuclear holocaust has been averted due to Control-Z is a bit of an exaggeration, but you never know. Honestly, however, Undo has probably saved the life of millions of college papers, angry emails, or work reports. Heck, it’s probably even kept a plane or two in the sky. Perhaps, I guess, the miraculous nature of Undo isn’t the few enormous disasters it’s prevented, but rather millions of small-scale emergencies it’s thwarted.

The next time Control or Command Z saves your bacon, stop and think about it; it deserves a second or two of acknowledgment.

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