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5 Features Of Mac OS X Lion That Students Will LOVE

July 20, 2011

Apple released their long-awaited Mac OS X Lion today, which brings Mac users 250 new features to enjoy. More and more students have adopted the Mac over the last few years, and much of Lion is a student’s dream. Perhaps one of the best things about Lion is the price: just $29. Sure, there’s no student discount, but $29 is ridiculously cheap compared to the usual price of a new operating system. Here are five specific features that students are bound to love.

5. Facetime

While Facetime has existed for a few months, it’s built right into Mac OS X Lion. Facetime offers simple video chatting between Macs, iPads, iPhones, or iPod Touches. For students away from home, Facetime is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your parents or grandparents.

4. Airdrop

So you’re sitting next to a friend in class, and they ask if you have a PDF of the notes from last week. This request would usually result in the use of email or a USB drive, but Airdrop changes that. Airdrop is the simplest way to send a file from one computer to another, and all it involves is a drag and drop.

3. Full Screen Apps

Lion allows users to view apps as full screen, without the clutter of menu bars, status bars, etc. This is great for maximizing laptop screen real estate, but it’s also fantastic for creating a more focused environment for, say, writing a paper.

2. Autosaving

Anyone that’s ever suffered the pain of losing a seven page essay knows the importance of saving, and with Lion, Autosaving is built into every application. No more Command-S, just peace of mind.

1. Versions

Tied into autosaving is a neat new feature called Versions. Versions allows you to browse through all the changes that you’ve made to a document, using the neat Time Machine-ish interface pictured above. This eliminates the panic that usually follows a professor’s suggestion to reinstate a paragraph that you deleted three revisions earlier.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the five features above, or if there are any student-perfect features that we have overlooked.

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