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5 Fail-Proof Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 17, 2011

Father’s Day has always been a challenging holiday for me; I never know what to get my Pops. For years I have defaulted to getting him a DVD of a movie that I wanted to watch, and I think he unfortunately sees through my ploy every time. Instead of complacently waiting until Saturday night and settling for the DVD (as usual), I decided to put a little more though in my Father’s Day gift this year, and I thought I’d share the 5 best gifts that I’ve come across; they’re useful, inexpensive, and a tad unconventional.


Closed-Hood Car Starter – $24.99

Gone are the days of having to pop the hoods of both cars, fumble with jumper cables, and getting dirt all over your hands, all just to jump start a car. This gift connects the cars through their cigarette lighters, which means clean hands and  no headache for Dad.

Wireless Key Finder – $49.95

Simply connect this keychain unit to your Dad’s keyring, and he will never have to take part in the frantic “Where’s the keys?!” search again.


Back to the Future Model Delorean – $29.99

What Dad doesn’t like Back to the Future? This model Delorean is a 1/12th replica of the classic Delorean from the films, and includes lights and ten sound effects. Great Scott!


Merkur Double Edged Safety Razor – $32.50

On Wednesday we posted an article about the many benefits of safety razor shaving, and your Dad is more than likely to appreciate a classic shave. Combine that with the fact that it will save him tons of money on replacement blades, and this gift’s a surefire winner.


World’s Best Dad Mug – $9.99

Sure, it might be the most unoriginal Father’s Day gift of all time, but there’s something inescapably classic about this awesome mug.

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  1. July 9, 2011 6:42 am

    love the keyfinder..what dad does need one of those. Also handmade stuff from the kids goes down a treat.

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