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Study Tip: Picture Your A

April 20, 2011

Thousands of college students nationwide are likely facing sleepless nights and caffeine overdoses as they power through finals over the next week or two. Everyone seems to have a study method of their own, and countless websites and apps claim to help students ace their finals. The crazy thing is, however, one of the very best study tools is probably in your pocket right this minute. What am I talking about? A camera, of course!

You are wondering how a camera can help you study? Imagine this: You walk into class tomorrow, and your professor announces that you are going to review for the final. Over the next hour he fills the whiteboard with four months worth of notes, and your hand swells as you frantically copy down the material. By the end of your class you may have copied down the notes, but you don’t recall a single word that your professor has said! Sure, it’s nice (and important) to have the  notes copied down, but it’s equally important to listen intently to your professor as they lecture. Are you starting to see where the camera comes in? To solve this common problem, all you have to do is listen intently, take selective notes that help you understand the class discussion, and then snap a photo once the board is completely filled with notes! With a twitch of your finger you have captured what would have taken an hour to copy, and you can rest assured that the notes are 100% accurate. What’s also handy is that you now have digital notes that you can view on your iPad, laptop, or phone, which means you can easily study while in line at the post office or waiting for that movie to start.

Tips: There are a few very important things to remember with this method of taking notes. The first is to position yourself in the classroom so that you are close to the board. Digital zooms only help to make your photo pixelated, so I’d shoot for the front row; I know it’s not cool, but you can handle it once a semester. Also, make sure that you have a decent camera. Bring an actual compact or DSLR (remember to turn that flash off!) or use one of the recently -released phones with on of those super nice  built-in cameras. Remember, the better quality your photo is, the easier it will be to zoom while maintaining clarity.

I have tried this method several times, and it has never failed to save my bacon! If you have ever used a camera to study, or if you have any other study tips, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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