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The Submarines – Love Notes/Letter Bombs Album Review

April 5, 2011


Today marks the release of indie-pop duo The Submarines’ latest album, Love Notes / Letter Bombs. The Submarines have made a name for themselves by crafting two spectacular indie/electronic/pop albums over the last couple of years (not to mention by having one of their songs used in several iPhone commercials). Needless to say, they have created some pretty high expectations for their third album. So how does it stack up? Phenomenally.

One of the most beautiful elements to The Submarines’ music is the polish that they contain. Though most of their songs feature numerous instruments and sounds, each one feels precise and calculated. Their vocals are spot on, as are their harmonies. This spit and polish is maintained throughout Love Notes / Letter Bombs, and this professionalism is the perfect stage for the deepest, most thought-out Submarines album to date.

Never before has a Submarines album felt so important, never before have the lyrics stretched past upbeat and into the realms explored with LN/LB. The Submarines have something important to say with this album, and every word is blast to hear. That does not mean that the deepest Submarines album to date (deepest Submarines! Get it?) lacks the sunshine so prevalent on their first two albums; rather the duo has seemed to increase their upbeat-ness. Maybe an increased dose of sugar was required to make the realism more palatable? Whatever the reason, I recommend this album highly to anyone who likes well-written, beautifully mixed indie-pop. Love Notes / Letter Bombs is not to be missed.

Get it on iTunes (with two bonus tracks)

Get it on Amazon

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