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Album Review: The Decemberists – The King Is Dead

January 19, 2011

The Decemberists have been in the game a long time, and their latest album, The King is Dead,  is perfect evidence as to why. Colin Meloy (the band’s lead singer/ songwriter) has an absolute knack at creating music that connects with the listener, all in a unique, yet familiar, tone.

Listening to The King Is Dead, no one previously acquainted with The Decemberist’s music is really going to question what they hear. One of the reasons that the band is so beloved is due the “vintage” sort of feeling that Meloy’s music creates. His lyrics often use old-timey words, and the instruments which the band uses (accordion, fiddle, washboard, etc.) coincide with the lyrics perfectly. Though the bands sound has definitely progressed over the years, the old-timey feeling, as well as Meloy’s distinct vocals, remain throughout this album.

Album reviews are absolutely comparative. If an album is labeled “Great”, then it is done so in comparison to the band’s past albums, or in comparison to the other current music. The King Is Dead qualifies as “Great” in both scenarios; as compared to their past albums as well as compared to all other albums. This LP’s track-list is extremely strong; there is literally not a single song that feels weak or forced. Though the album only has ten tracks, each one is a phenomenal example of why The Decemberists remain a dominating force throughout the “indie” music world. The King Is Dead is a MUST BUY, both for Decemberists newbies as well as long time fans.

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