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Some Of The Very Best iPad Apps

December 20, 2010

Whether you love it or hate it, the iPad is a big deal. With incredible sales thus far in 2010, it’s amazing that so many people have embraced a product which didn’t exist a year ago. Maybe you made enough money from selling those textbooks to buy one, or maybe you are hoping to get one under the tree this week. Either way, the question of “Which apps should I get?” is always a popular one among iPad owners. This article will highlight five favorites; future articles will obviously be needed to highlight all of the incredible apps that are worth checking out for your sleek new device.

iBooks – Free

iBooks is one of the major apps released with the iPad, and it doesn’t fail to disappoint. Although there are several other reading apps (Kindle, Nook, etc.) iBooks is the cleanest and most enjoyable to use. While the corresponding iBooks store hasn’t lived up to it’s potential, It’s worth it to convert your files as necessary in order to read them using this wonderful app.

Reeder – $4.99

I absolutely love getting my news from RSS FEEDS. I’ve tried out most of the other RSS readers for the iPad, but Reeder is my absolute favorite. Clean, minimalistic, and quick, I use it several times a day.

Instapaper – $4.99

The concept behind Instapaper is simple; when you come across an article that you would like to read but don’t have time, or that you would like to save, you hit the Instapaper button (in your web browser, RSS reader, etc.). The articles are then saved to your Instapaper account, and can be read using this app even when you don’t have an internet connection. Essentially it is a free method to create your own hand-selected newspaper that can be read anywhere; how incredible is that?

Scrabble – $9.99

If you are interested in playing the most expensively awesome game of Scrabble ever, then look no further. The Scrabble iPad app provides the super cool option to play using an iPhone or iPod Touch as your tile rack and the iPad as the game board; hence a 4 player game costs around $1,400. If you already have the equipment however, be prepared for one of the coolest board games you have EVER played. The design of the game includes a ton of cool features. One such example is that you flick your tiles from the iPhone to the iPad, another is that the board memorizes where each player is sitting and automatically rotates as that persons turn comes up. For those that love Scrabble, this is a no-brainer. For those that don’t, this app could easily make a Scrabble-convert out of the biggest naysayer. Scrabble was recently picked by Oprah as one of her favorite things of 2010.

ABC Player – Free

As the television industry continues in their mass panic over streaming video, ABC released ABC Player and showed that they aren’t afraid of the future. This app allows you to stream several episodes of ABC’s television shows, for free, no strings attached. There are ads, but not as many than if you were watching on a TV. The app is clean and easy to use, and also includes special episodes and movies. If you happen to enjoy a particular ABC television show, then this app is a godsend. If you happen to just enjoy browsing, as I do, it couldn’t be easier than this app.

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