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How To Sell Your Textbooks For More Money!

December 2, 2010

If you are like me, you can basically taste the end of the semester. Sure, a couple of assignments are left, and the ever-dreaded finals, but in just a couple short weeks the Fall 2010 semester will be history. This time of the year always means a mixture of emotion and responsibility, which almost always include textbook buyback. I have always loved trading those heavy, (and in my case, rarely used) textbooks for some sweet cash; well,  that is, if I don’t get ripped off. Let’s face it; college bookstores survive by sticking it to students. There is nothing more irritating than handing over a book at a 90% loss, so over time I have learned a thing or two about selling back your textbooks, and I hope these tips can help you avoid getting ripped off. I’m going to review a few textbook buyback options in brief, discussing the plusses and minuses.

College Bookstores: Where most people go to sell back their books. Usually prices are decent, but often not the best. Another common problem is that often the bookstore will refuse to buy back certain book editions, which is the ultimate slap in the face. Another horror of the college bookstore buyback is the long lines, which can easily zap precious studying time force you to deal with overworked bookstore employees.

Online Auctions: Sites such as eBay and Amazon offer the ability to see your book directly to another student. This method is pretty hit or miss; sometimes it leads to a huge re-sell value, and other times it leads to pretty much nothing. Another negative aspect of the auction route is dealing with non-paying bidders, whining people etc. One other annoyance is that usually you end up eating some of the shipping cost, or at least have to brave the post office to get the books to the buyer.

Online Buyback: Many textbook websites will buy back your textbooks, and most even pay for shipping. This option is by far the easiest; a couple clicks on the computer allows you to print a mailing label from home and just drop your book in the mail. Gone are the lines, stress, non-paying bidders, or any of the other negative aspects that usually dominate textbook buyback. Prices through many of these avenues are usually quite high as well; many of these sites can offer you the most money when compared to other textbook buyback avenues.

The best advice when selling back your textbooks is to take your time. Shop around, compare prices, and keep an eye out for special deals. Perhaps one of the greatest tools is to use a textbook comparison website; is a super good option, as is and As far as deals go, one such example is a current coupon code that can be used at; typing in the coupon code dollabill when selling back your textbooks will get you 10% more money for them! Definitely worth checking out.

Have any of you learned methods to earn the most for your textbooks? Any tips?


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  1. December 4, 2010 5:05 am

    Hey TBS, that was a refreshing read on selling textbooks for more money.


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