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Siege Audio “Eleven” Headphone Review

December 1, 2010

Everyone has an iPod or iPhone at this point, meaning that owning a good pair of headphones is more important than ever. With so many people spending most of their day plugged into their iPod, it always amazes me how many folks still use those free little white earbuds. Why does it amaze me? Because

1) their sound quality sucks, and,
2) they convey zero coolness.

Siege Audio Products aims to fix both of those problems.

The Siege Elevens (pictured above) are top of the line headphones created with a eye for style and an ear for quality sound; they provide a humungous step up from what most people are used to putting on (or in) their ears. Headphones provide many benefits when compared to the ever popular earbuds; mainly, they look awesome. How many DJ’s rock earbuds? None. Rocking a big pair of headphones is a quick way to improve your image, and these phones are some of the best looking headphones out there. (Check out that sweet design and coloring!) Headphones also provide phenomenal sound quality. While earbuds make it seem like the music is coming from your brain (sometimes annoying), headphones make it seem like you are simply listening to the music in a room. Yep, the sound quality of the Elevens is quite a treat. I literally heard detail within my music that couldn’t be heard using the stock iPhone earbuds; enabling this richness in your music is reason enough to check these headphones out. Another (somewhat silly) advantage to headphones is that they keep your ears warm! With winter here to stay and the temperature low, this advantage is not quite as lame as it may seem.

The Elevens come with a storage pouch as well as an audio jack adapter and some stickers. The cord for these headphones is one of my favorite features about them; it is long, flat, woven, and removable. At first the concept of a woven fabric cord was simply interesting, but after a few days it was one of the nicest things about these headphones. The fact that it is a nice blue color also blows all other headphone cords out of the water.

Siege Audio is an awesome company who sponsors a highly respectable skate/snow team, including pro snowboarders Jeremy Jones and Seth Huot. They back up their products with great customer service as well, so there’s no need to worry about dropping some more dough on headphones anytime soon. The Elevens retail for $69.99, but is currently sponsoring a photo contest on their FACEBOOK PAGE in which the winner will score some Elevens for the grand price of $0! Yeah, it’s definitely worth CLICKING HERE to check out the contest and submit your entry!


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