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College Student Holiday Gift Guide 2010

November 18, 2010

A week from today is Thanksgiving, which is also known as Black Friday eve. Yep, there’s just over a month left before Christmas, which means one of two things;

2) You want something.

1) You are wondering what to give someone.

Most people probably are a combination of the two options above. If you are a college student looking for something special this December, remember that the time for dropping subtle (or obvious) hints is NOW. Whether looking to give or receive, the following gift options are sure to be on many college student’s “Must Have” lists.


Apple iPad

$500 – $830

Everyone knows about the iPad; most people want the iPad. This new device from Apple has many benefits when compared to an ordinary laptop, including a smaller size, less weight, and a much better reading experience. Combine that with the rise of electronic text books, and many are already speculating that the iPad is the future of higher education. For many college students, this device is perfect for carrying around on campus. Here’s a tip: CLICK HERE to get a refurbished iPad, directly from Apple, for $50 less than retail. Scared of buying refurbished? Don’t be. These iPads include a full one year warranty and a brand new screen/outside casing.

Amazon Kindle 3


Despite the success of the iPad, dedicated e-readers are still as popular as ever. Leading the way since the beginning has been Amazon’s Kindle. The latest version of the Kindle is inexpensive and provides a fantastic reading experience. It is smaller and lighter than the iPad, but also lacks many of the iPad’s features (no movie playback, fragmented web experience, no apps). The Kindle is the best option for someone simply wanting an electronic reading device (with a phenomenal e-ink display) without any bells and whistles.

XBOX Kinect


Students love to play, and the XBOX Kinect is the latest video game phenomenon. In an attempt to one up Nintendo’s Wii, the Kinect system is a series of sensors and cameras that allows you to play games without any type of controller whatsoever. Initial reviews have been quite positive, and time will tell if the Kinect will catch on as the Wii did. One this is for sure, however, the Kinect is this holiday’s most sought after gaming device. One thing to know is that the Kinect is an XBOX accessory; you will either need to already own an XBOX or buy the combo pack.

Apple iPod Touch


Everyone has an iPod by now, but the latest iPod Touch is the sweetest one yet. It features a forward facing video camera (perfect for a cross country video chat), an HD back facing video camera, and it’s insanely thin. Combine that with hundreds of thousands of apps to download, and the device has quite a bit to offer.


Settlers of Catan


I know, every gift so far has been some sort of gadget. In our crazy technology filled world, sometimes it’s nice to turn of the cell phones and play a good old fashioned board game; which brings us to Settlers of Catan. If you haven’t heard of this game, you are in the minority. Settlers of Catan has been rapidly gaining fame over the past few years, evolving it’s fan base from underground to the main stream. With trading, cooperation, logic, and deceit, this game is sure to take a college kid’s mind off finals for a a couple hours. CLICK HERE to get it on Amazon.

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