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So You Wanna Make the Most of Thanksgiving Eh?

November 11, 2010

In exactly two weeks is the day that turkeys fear and Americans love; the mighty Thanksgiving! I don’t know if anyone loves Thanksgiving as much as I do; sure, most of us tend to overeat all year long, but Thanksgiving is the one day that this ridiculous gluttony is embraced with open mouths. With just two weeks to prepare, no one can afford to waste any more time without training for turkey day. This post includes a 100% guarantee that these tips can transform you from a lightweight eater to one of professional stature.

Many folks don’t know that there are literally “professional eaters” who take part in heavily publicized eating competitions with a huge variety of food; matzo balls, hot dogs, pizza, sushi, rice balls; the list goes on. Many of you have probably heard about the Coney Island hot dog eating contest in which 66 hot dogs and buns have been consumed in only 12 minutes. The record holder is Joey Chestnut, and he provides some important tips in preparing to shovel in the food:

Do Not Prepare Through Starvation
“Starvation itself is a very bad plan to prepare for a big meal. It’s better to eat moderately.”

Plenty of Liquids
“Hydration is very important for your health. I’m always conscious of drinking a lot of water or Gatorade. It’ll help so much in digestion.”

Don’t Worry About One Day
“It really doesn’t matter what you do on any one day. If you eat healthy all week long, one meal won’t make a difference. The human body is capable of amazing things.”

Some other tips come from HERE.

Keep a Steady Pace
Don’t rush; rushing leads to sickness

Eat A Lot Before In Order To Stretch Out Your Stomach
Chinese buffets are good options due to the rice.

Remember That Body Size Has Nothing To Do With Capacity
Many of the most successful eaters (including Chestnut) are not big people.

Professional eating is about being mentally tough. Meditating previous to the start of the meal can put you in the right mind set.

The last tip is one that I learned through personal experience; find foods that work well together. I was quite proud of the quantity of food I downed last Thanksgiving, which I attribute to the fact that I kept alternating between smoked turkey and berry pie. Since one dish was salty and one was sweet, each kept me wanting the other. This sort of alternation can really aid you in packing it in.

Are there any tips or experiences that you have had with eating large quantities of food?

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  1. MaKenna Hope permalink
    November 11, 2010 2:12 pm

    I completely love this post! It’s definitely refreshing from what is mostly out there today–how to reduce food intake. People need to relax more and enjoy eating and food!

    • November 11, 2010 2:42 pm

      Thanks I am very glad that you liked it! Definitely agree about people just needing to relax sometimes and just enjoy the gluttony.


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