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Jones Soda: They Like Their Backs Up Against A Wall

November 8, 2010

The average American drinks over 50 gallons of soda a year! That’s 6,400 ounces, or around 530 cans!
College students account for a high amount of soda intake, seeing as just about everyone has turned to caffeine to help them stay awake to study. Everyone seems to have “their soda;” Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Coke, people are loyal to their pick.

The interesting thing about the major soda options in the United States is that they generally boil down to the two giants, Coke and Pepsi. Those two brands either own or license pretty much every soda that graces your lips. There is one major exception, however. One brand has risen to international fame, but not by attempting to beat the giants at their own game. That brand? Jones.

Maybe you have tried Jones soda before. If not, you have probably seen the glass bottles, adorned by random black and white photos of pets and buildings. Jones soda is based in Seattle, Washington, and boy do they have their work cut out for them. Taking on two of the largest corporations in America, many would expect Jones to cower or launch a breakthrough ad campaign. They haven’t done either. Rather than plastering their name on billboards and taxi cabs, Jones has approached marketing in more of an old fashioned way. They create a tasty and unique product, allow their fans to play a part in it’s creation, and hope for word of mouth promotion. Has it worked? Most definitely.

Jones Soda is likely carried in your local grocery store or gas station. Their “normal flavors” include grape, root beer, berry, and a few others. Perhaps what has really helped Jones stand out, however, has been their seasonal soda collector’s packs. Sure, Coke puts Santa on their bottle during Christmas, but Jones soda blows that away with their own take on “holiday soda.” Featuring flavors such as Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Turkey, and Green Bean Casserole, Jones literally creates authentic soda replica’s of classic holiday fare. Their latest concoction, released for this holiday season, is literally bacon flavored. It comes packaged with bacon gravy mix and bacon chapstick. I’m not joking.

Another reason Jones stands out from the competition is due to the fact that their labels consist of user-submitted images. Anyone with a camera and a computer can go to Jones’ website, submit their favorite photos, and hope that they are chosen for the ultimate honor, their photo on thousands of bottles throughout the country. If you’re not lucky enough to get picked, they also provide MyJones, a service which allows you to create a twelve pack of your favorite flavors, with your choice of label photo, all for a pretty good price.

One other reason that Jones has received acclaim over the past few years has been the fact that they do not use corn syrup in their sodas; instead they have elected to use cane sugar. Though the debate is hot over the possible negative health risks of corn syrup, I just think that cane sugar tastes much better. And if there is a problem with corn syrup (which a lot of science is beginning to show) then that means that Jones Soda is really in the forefront of using a sweetener that affects the body much less negatively.

Obviously I am quite fond of Jones Soda. Their label says, “run with the little guy,” and that’s exactly what I like to do. With tasty flavors, lots or originality, and a fun personality, I hope that they can stick around for the long haul. When was the last time Pepsi released a Tofurkey flavored soda? That’s what I thought. What’s my favorite flavor? Currently it’s M.F. Grape, although I also love their Cream Soda. What’s your favorite flavor! Have you ever tried some of their wild flavors?

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