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Speculation About Michael Scott’s Replacement On The Office

November 4, 2010

I have been a faithful viewer of NBC’s The Office since season 2, meaning that the announcement of Steve Carell not returning next season to play Michael Scott was quite a blow. Carell’s character often acts as the proverbial glue which holds the show together, leaving many to fear the show’s unraveling once he is gone. A few episodes into his final season, I’ve began to speculate and do some research on what the future will hold for the Regional Manager position at Dunder Mifflin. Although there are many posts and articles on this topic, the best report I have come across is THIS ONE on

After the LATEST EPISODE, I really began to think hard about what would make sense in this important decision.  THIS ARTICLE that I came across highlights a lot of the observations apparent in the episode, which in summary strongly hints that Daryl Philbin is a possible candidate for Michael’s position. The Reuter’s article,however, makes it clear that the different characters will be highlighted over the first half of the season, making it hard to read into the latest episode too much. During an interview with Ellen a few weeks ago, actor Ed Helms (Andy Bernard) addresses the rumors rather dismissively, but makes it seem that the decision has still not been made. You can watch the clip right here:

Whether it has already been decided or not, Daryl could be a decent possibility. While I don’t think his character an outrageous personality like Michael, Daryl would be a pretty safe bet. Many of the other characters have strong personalities, which means that their taking of the Regional Manager position might be harder for some viewers to swallow. Many viewers do not seem as opinionated about Daryl, however, meaning that his promotion might be easier to accept.

I could greatly see, as is suggested by the Reuters’ article, a shifting of the main character away from the Regional Manager position. This would mean that Michael’s replacement would be less important, but leaves the question of the next “star” of the show up in the air. A new episode will air tonight, during which another employee will likely be highlighted. I’ll be watching, continuingly keeping an eye out for any hints about Michael Scott’s successor. Any thoughts on what you think the future of the show will hold?

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