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Blood Isn’t Always Red … What Colors Do You BLEED?

August 18, 2010

It’s almost that time of year again. You wake up to alumni car horns honking the tune of your school song and students start to BLEED their school colors! Yes, you guessed it! Football season, and college rivals are just around the corner! College students get ready for their first rival game of the season, all decked out in the new gear they could afford because they saved so much money renting their textbooks from!

There is nothing quite like Cougars vs. Huskies, Wolverines vs. Buckeyes, Trojans vs. Fighting Irish, or Tigers vs. Crimson Tide! Everyone loves a good ‘ol football rival! (Wanna see more NCAA college football rivals, click here!) So many emotions pulsing through their bodies! ANXIETY. As the opposing team scores to tie up the scoreboard with 2 minutes left on the time clock. Silence. In ANTICIPATION, as they watch their home team make their way to the end zone. EXCITEMENT. When you hear the roar as your home team scores just in time for the clock to run out! ENTITLEMENT. As you watch the losing team sulk on their way home. Tyler Copier knows the meaning of a college rivals, as he pits schools against each other via Facebook! Check it out, and help YOUR school become “America’s University!”

What colors do you BLEED!?

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  1. Rob Grijalba permalink
    August 27, 2010 6:04 pm

    TROJANS – CARDINAL AND GOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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