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Dorm Room Feng Shui

August 12, 2010

Oh, the beloved dorm room. Great place to be! In all the action! Lots of people to hang with, chat with, and eat with. Four white walls, two extra-long beds, a set of drawers, and a small closet… ahhhh the beauty of a dorm room! They can sometimes feel cold, dry, and boring. But wait! Stop right there! We have some helpful hints that will make your dorm room feel more like home than you ever imagined!
textbookstop dorm room
– Buy bedding that you LOVE! Pick the colors, patterns, and thread counts that fit your personality!
– Bring pictures! Lots of pictures! You can put them up around your desk, bed, dresser, or wherever you think is the best place for them!
– Live plant! Learn to water it, just like your mom would!
– Rugs! They always make a dull room cozier.
– Comfy chair and a good reading lamp! This way you can spend lots of time reading those textbooks you rented from
– A mini-fridge for late night snacks and drinks.
– Your favorite stuffed animals or blankets from home, so you can smell and feel your home!
– Be sure to point your dorm bed to the east, so you can rise with the sun!
– Your favorite tunes! Brings you back to the places you love!
– And don’t forget the lava lamp!

What did you bring to help feng shui your dorm room!?

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  1. erika permalink
    August 13, 2010 8:50 am

    I like to put up small pieces of cork board around my room and put pictures and momentos up over the course of the year. Makes for fun stories as people ask what each item is from!

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