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To Rush or Not to Rush … That Is The Question.

August 5, 2010

It’s that time of year again. It happens every fall. The infamous “door chant.” Can’t shake those catchy tunes for days, Weeks, MONTHS! There is nothing quite like sorority girls singing in unison for their house. It lets everyone around (onlookers, surrounding fraternities, innocent passersby) know… RUSH HAS STARTED! By now you should have decided and may have pondered for weeks, the BIG question, to rush or not to rush!?
It’s a tough decision. Living with 50+ women or men definitely isn’t for everyone. Sorority and Fraternity life certainly has its ups and downs. How do you decide? We suggest making a list of Pros and Cons; talking to someone who has gone through it, and asking a lot of questions! Here we will help you get started!
Insta-Friends: When you join a Sorority or Fraternity you are exposed to a lot of people. You bond with your pledge class, and other members. Your college campus seems much smaller, as you run into people you know often!
Never a Dull Moment: Between sorority and fraternity get togethers, events, and philanthropies you will always have something to do!
Values: Houses provide their members with common goals, commitment, leadership opportunities and pride!
Orientation BFFs: Sometimes, once you go Greek, if your friends from orientation don’t go Greek or are not in your house, you grow apart. You could really miss out on some good people!
Money Matters: Joining a Greek organization comes with financial requirements. If you Rent Textbooks from, you’ll probably be able to afford it.  But if you don’t want to pay rent + dues, GREEK life might not be for you!
Drama: If you love reality TV, this might be on your pros list. Otherwise, with so many people living in close quarters and spending a lot of time together, there is bound to be LOTS of drama!
To Rush or Not to Rush… that is the question. What’s your answer?

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