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10 Summer Activities That Won’t Break Your Bank!!

July 22, 2010

SUMMER. Mostly sunny with a chance of Fun! School is out, and what more could a college student ask for! Staying up all night no longer involves liters of coffee, your computer, and loads and loads of rented textbooks! Leave your computer at home, substitute coffee for something more refreshing, and sell those textbooks, because it’s summertime! With an abundance of free time, longer days, and still no money, here are some fun summer activities, that don’t eat away at your bank account!
1.     Barbeque with friends
2.     Go boating (clearly only if you know someone that has a boat, we are aware that they are quite spendy to buy!)
3.     Go to a concert, or two.
4.     Swim, Lay out, Get fried! At least for a couple hours you can pretend you are on vacation!
5.     Read a book, pick something you actually enjoy!
6.     Take a date to get some ice cream. Ice cream is always the way to a person’s heart!
7.     Hike, even if you don’t like to exercise there is usually a great view from the top. Bring your dog, or your neighbors dog, if you don’t enjoy it at least they will!
8.     Buy inflatable pool toys and go float down a nearby river or stream.
9.     Go to your local Farmer’s Market and enjoy the atmosphere!
10.  Camp! Stay up all night, roast marshmallows, admire the stars!
What are some of your favorite summer activities!??

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