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Music to My Ears!

July 19, 2010
Everyone has heard the saying, “It’s like music to my ears.” This can be said for a multitude of reasons, for example, if someone says, “You can save money by renting your textbooks from,” you could respond with, “That’s like music to my ears.” Or if your teacher tells you, “You actually DID pass my class, barely,” you think to yourself, “Ah! That’s music to my ears.” The point being, music is so often something that people WANT to hear, just the same as the fact that they can save money or they actually did pass their class.
There is no better time to listen to music than summer! With the sun staying up later (it’s about time it gets on schedule with college students), warmer days, and no studying, you can go out and enjoy it! Go feel the commotion of a big city when a popular artist comes to town. Experience the closeness of a small town when there are concerts in parks and local venues. Enjoy, listening to artists play as you have dinner with family and friends. Whichever way you decide to experience music, in the summertime, it’s everywhere! With so many songs written about “summer,” we thought we would share some with you. Follow this link to find out the most popular summer songs, and share your summer music experiences with us today! 
What goes on in your city or town?!
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