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Ruby: Gemstone or Skin Color?

July 14, 2010
The birthstone for July is ruby, which only seems appropriate seeing as “ruby red” is so often the color of many people’s faces during this particular month! They set up their beach chairs, camping chairs, or no chair at all and plant themselves in the smoldering hot sun for seconds, no minutes, no hours! Just sitting… sitting… sitting.
We’ve all done it… It starts to get hotter, and you can almost feel the rays of sun cutting into your skin. Someone leans over and says, “You are getting burnt,” and you reply, “It’s ok, it will turn into a tan,” and continue “tanning” or “burning,” whichever term your prefer. 
It all seems good, until you wake up the next morning, or rather can’t sleep all night because your skin feels as though someone is holding a raging flame of fire to it! For the 4…5…6 consecutive days you can’t sleep because your skin is on “fire!” you start to think the whole “sunscreen” idea is a good idea. When your skin begins to peel, and your lovely tan becomes more of a spotted tan, sunscreen is suddenly a GREAT idea. Check out this customer review of sunscreens that we found,, to help find the best sunscreen for you, and save you from burning, peeling, and most importantly skin cancer!
Share YOUR stories and/or pictures of unbearable sunburn!!! 
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