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Ahhhhh sweet money… Smell it, feel it, own it!

July 1, 2010

You know there is still a shirt hanging in your closet with the tags on it, a new swimsuit you have never worn, and that new iPad you just HAD TO HAVE. For some reason, this money, which has slipped through the cracks, doesn’t cut you, put salt in the wound, and then rub it in the same way wasting money on textbooks does. We have all been there, standing in the never-ending line… pushing… waiting… and sweating as we reach the counter. One book after another gets rung up, $25.00… $150.00… $100.00. Your heart starts to pound as the anxiety gets to you. The cashier finally states: “That will be $500.00.” FIVE HUNDRED dollars! Everyone knows that this is the last thing you want to spend your hard earned money on!

STOP! We stumbled upon an article couple of days ago. The title? 21 Things You Should Never Buy New. Number two on the list? BOOKS! Here, see for yourself: Imagine the sweet simplicity of buying used books online at Sitting in your bed, no lines, no anxiety, and a cheaper bill! Renting or buying used textbooks will save you a lot of money, allowing you to buy the shirt that is hanging in your closet, the swimsuit you will never wear, and that new iPad you just gotta have… or the more responsible approach? It could help pay part of your tuition!
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