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Rent or Get USED

June 30, 2010
At we virtually offer any textbook for rent or purchase. Since it can sometimes be hard making the decision to rent or buy textbooks, we removed any hassle for you by clearly displaying the purchase price or the rental price giving you the power to make the best decision. We even simplified the process one step further by adding a dropstop within your local community so you don’t have to worry about the shipping or receiving of your textbooks. All dropstops accept textbook rental returns and buy textbooks at competitive prices throughout the year.

Textbookstop prides itself on fast and reliable customer service. We stand behind each and every textbook transaction, and if you’re not satisfied with your order, we’ll ensure the issue is resolved immediately. Now go see all that you can save with textbookstop!

Rent or Get Used Defined — gives you the option to rent textbooks or buy textbooks new or used.  Since not all books are created equal, we think you should have the choice rent some and buy others.  We make it easy to choose by offering one website where you can compare rental prices with purchase prices side by side.

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